The Many Different Characters In Flash Renegade: Finishing The Design Sketches

BCgS9Nicoy was able to finish five character sketches the other day. These were only for one character by the way. However, she’s one of the main ones, so she’s pretty important to the story. One sketch was a child version, an adult version with and without armor, weapons sheet, and another form.

Nicoy has been doing such an amazing job. We had a meeting as well and talked about certain features, profile designs that needed improvement and some that didn’t. We have a love of cyberpunk, fantasy, and science fiction, so it was fun seeing what we could come up with. She’s now working on the revisions, which is great. So we’re almost there…sort of.

These were all approved for coloring, but these things still take time and I have to be patient.


We have finished about 23 to 24 character profiles so far.

We’re down to the last two!

The last character is probably the hardest so far and the most challenging to describe. We have a lot more sketches yet to complete, before we can start working on the pages of the graphic novel itself. Even then, it’s nothing like I’ve ever done before. So it’s still new to me, but I really do love Nicoy’s dedication and passion.

Her artwork is really beautiful. We have fun with the project, because why not? I think having fun while doing something you love makes it all the better. To me, it’s surreal to see characters I’ve written about actually come to life. It makes me feel happy to see something that started off as an idea being fleshed out for a comic.

Nothing can describe this feeling. I’m just ecstatic.


I’m really excited to see how everything will look, once it’s finally completed.


Let me know what you think

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