Patience Is A Virtue: Thinking About Other Projects While I Wait…

dMhLPUntil I get a reply from Nicoy that she’s all right, I’ll be working on some other projects in the meantime besides Flash Renegade. My Skype is finally working, thank God. I tested it out at three different locations and I received every emote and message from my friends at last. Skype is still kinda wonky. One time it deleted all my text messages, but that was before it crashed. Sunday was not a good day for me, since my computer nor the Internet was working that well.

I mostly use my phone these days. So far, I don’t have to worry about it losing the signal as much. I have more followers as well, which is so wonderful and amazing! I’d like to thank you for following this blog or any one of my blogs, even on twitter. It really means a lot to me.

If I can keep myself busy for just a little while longer, I’d probably accomplish a lot more. It would help me in the long run, that’s for sure. There’s going to be rain in the forecast, since this is now hurricane season. I’m not too worried about it, since I’ve always been fully prepared. I’ve survived through 5 or 6 huge storms, so one more isn’t a big deal.

If power does indeed go out one day, I’ll keep a journal with me at all times and continue writing regardless of what happens. That’s just how life is. There’s nothing I can really do to prevent Mother Nature from knocking down my door. Hopefully, Nicoy is safe and sound. I do believe she’ll be okay and if anything, I’ll give you guys plenty of time in advanced about how we’re doing on the graphic novel. Eventually, I will post the character profiles up here on this site for you to see, but now is not the time.

One of the things about working on a project of this scale is bad things happen when you least expect them. You just gotta pick yourself up and move on. There is a risk in everything you do. No matter what occurs, I’ll try to remain calm and just be patient. If the project is delayed, it’s delayed. No point in rushing it and there is no reason to get upset over things you cannot control. I’ve waited this long to start on it, a few more years won’t make any difference.

I still have plenty enough to do; I just have to get out of this weird funk and get back in writing shape. I believe it’s mostly writer’s block I’m experiencing. It comes and goes quite often. I’ve been there and done that, so I should be fantastic. All I have to do is sit down and actually stay focused for once.

In the future, I’ll post more tips about writing, how to make a well-developed character or how to craft a scene. Advice that might actually be useful to you in helping you build your own story.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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