Quick Update: I’m Still Standing Here…

I decided to do a little update, just to let everyone know that I haven’t left.


During the time that I was gone, I worked on one of my novels and got that out of the way. It won’t be published though, not yet. Still waiting for Nicoy to finish coloring one of the drawings that’ll be in the book. Once that’s done, I’ll order myself a paperback copy from CS. But it’ll be a couple of months or a year before I release it on Amazon.

I still have another fourth novel to work on, but yesterday I was so tired I pretty much passed out. Probably tomorrow I’ll work on it little by little. Next month is National Novel Writing Month. I doubt that I’ll be participating in the event, since I’ll be doing other projects as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Nicoy did some amazing creature designs and I love them. We’re almost there, but we’re still on one character. We had a meeting the other day (or morning) to go over a few things about this character in particular, because she’s quite special. Nicoy is mostly doing some black and white drawings right now.

But she told me she had an idea and she might test it out. She’s doing an experimental comic strip that deals with one character, so I’m really excited about it. Really looking forward to seeing that once she’s done.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I have to say for today. Until next time. Take care everyone!


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