Dealing With A Character Who Has Multiple Personalties…

So, one of my characters has this particular trait that makes her different than all the other characters. She suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

Even though the graphic novel deals with satire, it touches on some key issues of mental illness and there’s still many serious moments as well. I’ve always been curious about this condition. Some people don’t believe this disorder is real. There’s just not enough scientific evidence, even though there’s been a lot of studies and research on it. How do you know if someone is born with this illness? Is there a cure for it?

How does someone cope with their daily activities? It was these questions and more that made me want to write about it. Despite this mental illness, my character is still quite an enduring person. She goes through the ups and downs of life. She’s smart and resilient, able to withstand the obstacles in her way. She somehow adapts to her every changing environment, which makes her a compelling character.

BCgS9Nicoy really outdid herself and drew a very lovely character sheet that represents each personality and trait within this one character. There’s so many of them! She did an amazing job too! 😀 Each one looks so unique. One may represent anger.

The other a goofy side of her personality. If you think about it, each person has these types of traits, such as sadness, anger, happiness, and what not. However, the only difference is that my character has so many of them and not all of them represent an emotion per say.  Some of them have professions and others not so much. These are kind of like the voices in her head that she can’t get rid of, no matter what she does.

I think that’s why I love this character so much. She’s not perfect in any way. She does make mistakes and coping with this disorder isn’t easy for her, but she has this sense of humor and a positive attitude that she’s able to manage through it. It won’t always be the case in all scenarios though. There are some bad and evil personalities that do want to take over.

Many times the personalities fight with each other in order to have control. Sometimes, good may not always win over bad and vice versa. I think that’s why I’m invested in this character so much, because you care about her a lot. You want to see how she’ll overcome.

Anyway, Nicoy’s doing a few quick revisions, but after that she’ll be working on coloring another drawing for my book. I still haven’t been able to work on the last novel as yet… it’s going kind of slow.

I just feel exhausted all the time. But I’ll try again to get some of the chapters rearranged tomorrow. I really don’t know how I’m going to start this novel or if I should just continue where I left off. It’s sort of a mess and all over the place. It needs a lot of revisions.

Hopefully, I can get the final book done by next month.

Thanks for reading. Take care everyone!



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