Viewing The Art Style – The First Sample Pages


I cannot show you the first sample pages Nicoy drew for me, until the graphic novel is officially published.avatar-emoticon-onion-head-117

If you saw them, you’d be amazed too.


I’m very impressed with Nicoy’s artwork, especially since the pages are in black-and-white. Even if she had it in full color, I’d still be in awe.

loveNicoy felt that these three pages needed to be in this particular style and I’m glad I took her word for it. I told her to go and experiment freely. She’s comfortable with drawing while I’m comfortable with writing. We’re both artists and we each contribute our part. The drawings are absolutely stunning. No words can describe how I feel right now.

Nicoy also did the text as well, but I’ll be tweaking the words for a more English audience. Just a little. Since I’m good with stories and I love writing dialogue, I figured why not. The files were huge though, but well worth it. Very high quality. I’m just hoping that when it comes down to printing them on paper, everything will turn out fine. Hopefully, there shouldn’t be any problems and they’ll turn out spectacular. I can only pray. Although e-books wouldn’t be too bad either.

Anyway, we’re basically fusing a little of everything. A blend of both Japanese manga and American style comics together. I seriously love the shading, the paneling, and the movement of action. However, we’re still on the same character and there’s a ton of work left to do… but we’ll eventually get there. We finished 26 character profiles, I believe. 20 other sketches as well, and we’re on another batch of 20 more to go.

So, once we’re finally done… that’ll be 66 drawings in total and we haven’t even started on the graphic novel as of yet. Oh well, it happens. I’ve gotten so many ideas lately, so now I have three short scripts in the works. We’ll see how that goes… Right now, I haven’t done much writing, except when rambling to Nicoy about possible scenes. She’s pretty cool about it and that’s why she’s the best. ^_^

I have been feeling a little sick lately, so I may not update much in the upcoming weeks. But I’ve been very active, exercising everyday and doing a good 60 minutes. I do some biking, walking, and jogging which helps keep me going. I’m trying not to overdo it, and yet it’s always so hot outside. If I can lose like 20 pounds this year, I’ll be set. 😉

I did do some editing, but it’s mostly for the script of the graphic novel. Some of the dialogue needed to be changed, so I kept adding some more. We’re also doing another book cover as well. So I’ll have 3 book covers, but the issue goes up to 6. After I finish tweaking the script, I’ll probably start writing those short scripts I had in mind. These are intended to show more about the relationship of the characters and the plot.

Mostly it’s just a character study, since I can’t explain the entire history and everything in just 6 short issues. If I had more money and could do what I wanted, Flash Renegade would be a 5,000 page epic manga series. Anyhoo, these mini-stories reveal clues about the main plot and the protagonist, but sadly they always leave me wanting more… don’t know if people would want to read more. Maybe if there was a demand for it, then that would be a whole other story.

That’s all for now, folks. Until another day.

Thank you for reading


Have a wonderful week!


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