Thinking About Revealing More About The Graphic Novel… But Should I Wait It Out First?

M1myZAs the days, weeks, and months go by, I’m growing more and more impatient. I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should show some drawings and concept designs of the graphic novel. However, I don’t want to add any more stress to a project that hasn’t even been finished yet. In no way will I rush Nicoy, since she’s doing the best she can. She’s only one artist doing the work of what would take weeks or months to do anyway.

Why rush it, right?


However, time (regardless of how I feel about it) is not on my side…


I’m praying it’s not too late and there’s still some hope left.


Nicoy finished two lovely illustrations the other day and they were absolutely beautiful. She did a wonderful job as always. I did have some concerns with one drawing, because of the perspective and proportion size. But Nicoy reassured me that’s how it can look sometimes.

Nothing was wrong with the original sketch and once she colored it in, it was fine. We talked about the next illustration that’s going to be in a different style, more semi-realistic. She’ll be working on that one next week or so. It’ll be dark and gritty.

With what’s going on in the news lately, it just makes things even worse. But then I realize, if I release things too prematurely, it might backfire as well. In the back of my mind, to release any unfinished project would still put a lot of pressure on me and Nicoy. However, I would get the much needed feedback that I so long for. Maybe it could be something people would love. Then again, there might be people who may not like it at all.

So, there’s two sides of the coin. If we got a lot of positive and good feedback, it might encourage us to do more. Of course, the downside of that is if we received too much feedback and it starts becoming more of a distraction.

Decisions, decisions…



Let me know what you think

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