All Character Sheets And Profiles Are Done! We’re Getting Closer…

All 26 character profiles and sheets are finished!


We’re getting closer to starting the pages of the graphic novel, folks!

Nicoy sent me two illustrations about two days ago. Also, a height chart with all the characters last night as well. Yesterday morning, I worked on one of the illustrations and adjusted some things in Photoshop. The semi-realistic drawing looks amazing! Nicoy did an outstanding job on the shading and everything. I made it much darker with a black background and added some little touches here and there. It’s really good.

So now, Nicoy will be working on larger illustrations that’ll be about 2 pages. One’s a brand new book cover. And there’s two more illustrations that are like backgrounds. It’ll deal with my main characters and some possible nice landscapes. Everything will be in full color, which will be great! I so can’t wait for that.

Once those are sketched, approved, colored and finally done, we’ll actually start on the first few pages of the graphic novel. I’m hoping by next month or so. From here on in, it’ll be nothing but comic book pages every week or two. We’re going to try to finish one comic per month, if that’s humanly possible. There’s no deadline or anything, so Nicoy doesn’t have to rush. The first comic (Part 1) is about 32-33 pages long.

I’m so excited to be doing this project.


You guys take care and have a wonderful day!


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