Time For Blogging – A Little Behind On The Updates…

It seems that I blog maybe once a week or so.


Haven’t done much writing these days, which is kind of bad I guess…

aQtfzI was editing the third book of NR, but then I had suddenly stopped. It seems to me that I still need more time to think it over. Too much going on right now. Luckily, I haven’t built the book as of yet on Createspace. I do have the new PDF file uploaded onto the site and everything, but I haven’t even looked at it for any typos.

I’ll probably have to start all over and edit it again. Not to mention, I still haven’t downloaded the new and revised book cover as of yet. I tweaked it a little, like I do all my book covers before finalizing them in Photoshop. Haven’t even put a price on the barcode I purchased last week or so. Oh well, maybe I’ll use it for another book instead. Maybe for the graphic novel?

My updates and posts are not so much these days, so please don’t worry. I’m hoping it’ll pick up once the graphic novel gets going. Please bear with me, because it’s been a long day. Nicoy and I are still taking our time on particular scripts and characters, so we’re trying not to rush it. Nicoy has a certain way of formatting the scripts; she formatted two short scripts that I had sent her. But for the larger stories, I told her I’d work on them, once she showed me how.

In fact, it took me the whole night to format one script that was about 30 pages. I had to basically cut out a lot of unnecessary sentences, words, etc. Then, summarize and simplify everything, including explaining what scenes would be close-ups, establishing shots, and what not. Kind of like doing a storyboard for a movie, although it did remind me more of a Powerpoint presentation with bullet symbols and cue cards.

This way, Nicoy could focus on coloring the drawings and take her time on them. She’s working on some large drawings that are two pages long, 14 x 20 and then she has to shrink them to 7 x 10 to fit the book size. Of course, she does this so there won’t be any details lost when making the image smaller. These are some pretty big files by the way. There were some major concerns over budget, especially when I was counting the pages in the proper formatted version.

The original script was about 30-31 pages long and I had actually reached the 25 page mark on page 11. I know, it’s confusing. So after completing the formatted script of about 5 to 7 panels per page, I’m looking at about 52 pages or more for one volume. This made me panic a little. Because if the original, full length script is 188 pages, I’m looking at almost double the pages.

avatar-emoticon-onion-head-117Maybe even 300 pages or more, which would automatically go over my budget. Since the graphic novel is broken into 6 parts of about 30-31 pages, each formatted part would be about 50 pages. By the time I finish Part 1 and 2, it’s already 100 pages right there. It is possible I might be able to finish Part 3, leaving 38 pages for Part 4… Maybe? However, I wouldn’t have enough to finish Part 5 and 6. Which kind of sucks…

Nicoy and I did talk about it over Skype. If we have too many panels on one page, everything will be too small to see. That’s just how it is sometimes. However, that’s to be expected for such a big project anyway. We talked about other options we could use. Patreon came up a couple of times. Hopefully, things will work out for us for the better, and yet this won’t stop me from completing the comic whatsoever.

Even if there’s a chance of having to delay Flash Renegade, we’ll pace ourselves little by little… regardless if we’re working on one page a month. I’ve been thinking more about Patreon, which is a crowdfunding site I’ve been hearing so much about. I did do some extensive research on it and looked at both the cons and pros of it. They do take a 5% fee if you make anything, and then there’s some additional fees going through Paypal, etc. Every so often I debate to myself on whether or not it’ll work out. Nicoy and I have done so much, without anyone funding us. But I feel we’re still so far away. It happens sometimes. If we have to take a break, then we’ll take a break and pick it up again shortly.

That’s just how it is. We’re hoping to at least finish one or two volumes, depending on how things goes. There’s a bit of hope left and our determination to finish hasn’t left us, that’s for sure. I’ve been pretty absorbed by the political debates this year and spend most of my time on Twitter these days, reading and posting the news. It depends on how you look at it. I don’t think I’ve seen debates so heated before in my life. It’s hard to describe really.

I won’t discuss any politics here, because this blog wasn’t made for that. Besides, I’d rather talk about more positive things, like the graphic novel and how the writing is coming along. Yes, I do have good and bad days, but don’t we all? Anyway, I’ve read enough depressing stuff already to last me a lifetime. My stories and the graphic novel are the only things that make me happy these days.

Thanks for reading my long post.


Take care, folks!


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