Freedom To Write and Express Yourself: Why I Hate Censorship

avatar-emoticon-onion-head-117I really need to get back to writing and editing again. I’ve been stuck in a rut for quite some time, since I finished the third novel. Can’t get out of it and I’ve been online way too much these days. And nobody cares. But it’s all right. I’ll manage somehow – I always do!

By next week if everything goes well and God willing, Nicoy and I are going to work on the shorter scripts before we start Part 1 of the graphic novel. These will mostly be in black-and-white with some pages in color. I’m formatting them now as I speak and will spend the weekend getting everything ready for Nicoy. In addition, I’m planning on bringing out two more character profiles, even though they are never discussed or talked about in the comic. These are characters in another future timeline, but I really wanted to have them drawn.

Anyway, it sucks to start off the month like this, but I really needed to write about how I feel. Like always. As a writer, I’m passionate about what I do, even though I may not have all the answers. Writers should be able to express themselves whenever they want to. I heard the phrase, “Write what you know” so often these days, it’s not even funny anymore. However, I’ve also heard “Write what you don’t know” from teachers and other professional writers as well.

eVhLrIf I discover a topic I’m interested in writing about, I’ll always do my research on it. If I’m writing a fictional story, there’s some room to expand on those ideas. Now, if I was writing a historical or nonfiction book, it would be a different story. I’d want everything to be factual and accurate.

Fiction is fiction. There’s endless possibilities and you have that leeway to be creative with your story and your characters, especially if you’re dealing with adventure, fantasy, or sci-fi. Writers should be able to express themselves freely and talk about whatever they want to. They share stories and experiences through the eyes of their characters, whether it’s good or bad. Writers are able to create new worlds, because they are storytellers. And that’s it.

But one thing I can’t stand the most – this is a Pet Peeve of mine and it does make me laugh sometimes… are people telling me or other writers what they can or cannot write about.


I don’t like censorship. At all.

In fact, I really hate it and you should too.

If someone came up to you on the street and said you can’t wear those jeans, you can’t wear those shoes, you can’t eat this, you can’t say that, you can’t have that type of hairstyle because it offends me. How would you feel? Most people would just ignore them and walk away…I hope.

I have no problems with anyone giving me advice, such as grammar, punctation, and spelling. I’ll take it and be thankful for it, even if it’s brutally honest. Trust me, I’ve made some stupid mistakes and it does happen. No one’s perfect.

I do have several reasons why I don’t like censorship, but let’s get down to the grim stuff first. We always say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt us.” Words do hurt our feelings sometimes, but they are only words. We just have to move on and keep our heads up high.

Even if we have the best of intentions, people will always find something to complain about. That’s all a part of life. Unfortunately, you can’t please anyone, because no matter what you do or don’t do… not everyone will like you.

However, no one should ever be threatened or killed for an idea, a book, a thought, an opinion, a cartoon, or a movie. No government should censor words and information, no matter how offensive they may truly be. We do live in dangerous times and a PC world, where people will find anything offensive these days. 

Being a writer for me is the loneliest profession in the world. No one will ever understand you nor your passion. Many people will mock you and call you horrible names. You may be lucky enough to find good people out there, who may help you out in your time of need. They may cheer or root for you, so always be grateful for that. But not everyone will be supportive. Let’s face it… no one’s going to push you to write and finish that book, except YOU.

Back on topic.

There’s several reasons why censorship is very bad.

  • It stifles creativity.
  • Makes people afraid to even discuss or write about important topics.
  • It’s kind of like Communism.
  • If ideas are forbidden, then books are forbidden, and it’s a slippery slope from there.
  • No Freedom of Thought
  • No Freedom of Expression
  • No Freedom of Speech
  • No Freedom of Press
  • No Freedom Whatsoever

And you get the point…

That’s why I don’t censor myself, especially when I’m writing. Everyone should be free to do as they please, as long as they’re not harming anyone. Live and let live. There’s some people who do draw the line and that’s fine. That’s them. But no one should be telling you where to draw the line at.

So, when someone says “You can’t do that” just smile and move on.



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