Re-evaluating Some Issues With Costs and The Book Covers…

Nicoy finished off two of the larger illustrations, including the second book cover, Part 2. There were some major concerns over one of the images, due to height differences of the characters. Someone close to me had made a comment about it and that had ruined my day completely, because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t even sleep much either.

aQtfzAfter getting a few days to think about it and some rest, I decided to reevaluate the cover. First of all, the comic is satire and I don’t think they understood that from the very beginning. Second, the obsession with a male character’s height was another…adding to insult that he was too short and appeared childlike. The character’s height is realistic and based off someone who was actually shorter than me. Third, it made me a little bit concerned that they thought the image was extremely disturbing when it was technically supposed to be cute, funny, and lighthearted.

I probably shouldn’t have showed them, since they can be quite judgmental at times. If I had shown them a well known cartoon on TV with the same height differences, they’d probably have the same problems with that, regardless if it’s well known or not. Not to mention, I’ve seen anime and children’s shows in the past and present that people still think are controversial, even by today’s standards.

I know they’re trying to help, and yet sometimes I really don’t want to see and view the world how they do. Everything is considered racist and offensive to them. Nothing is funny, innocent nor pure. I do understand why they (he/she) hates the cover, but my god…if the roles were reversed, would it have been such a big deal? Or maybe they’d think the same way and be even more disturbed by it. Does a character’s height matter so much in terms of a story? Especially one in the realm of fiction?

The fact they thought my male character was a child was kind of odd. I hope they finally realize there’s people of all shapes and sizes out there. I had emailed Nicoy and had thought about asking her to redo the image completely, but I decided to adjust it in Photoshop instead. By zooming in on the image and adding some text to the back cover, explaining everything, I’m hoping that’ll be enough. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’d hate for Nicoy to have to redraw the entire book cover again, because of what someone said. In fact, I’m kind of glad I didn’t post any sketches online––I can only imagine the reaction some people would have already, without knowing all the details about the characters’ story and age…

In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover alone.

Anyway, moving on…


The graphic novel is slowly coming along.

Nicoy has one final, big illustration and then she’s working on the 5-page Prologue for the novel.


She’ll also be drawing two new character illustrations and some fake advertisements with all the main characters in them. Then, after that’s completed, Nicoy will be working on the short scripts from now on. By the time we’re done we’ll have nearly 49 comic book pages, including some of the other stuff: 26-27 character profiles, 3 book covers, 2 wallpapers, 2 scenery landscape (day & night), 4 transformation pages, 3 weapons sheets, and much much more. I think we’ve done nearly 60 something drawings, including sketches and what not.

It’s a lot to keep track of. I’m also really looking forward to doing the fourth book cover. Maybe we’ll do the last 2 and get those out of the way. Financing the entire graphic novel has been a hot topic of debate with family. I’ve got a lot on my mind in terms of costs and budgeting. I will have to eventually slow it down or stop, if it gets to a point where I may not have enough. This is just another obstacle I’ll have to face, but I really hate it when family gets involved with something they could care less about.

I had been thinking about and even considered an online fundraising site, but it wouldn’t look good on my part. It’s not that I haven’t tried…I feel that it’s better to fund my own projects from now on, without looking for handouts. Some people don’t see it that way; however, where I come from that’s like me on the street, begging for change. In addition, handling a business and managing taxes is a whole other world that’s very new to me. I wanted to try and start my own thing, but that takes money I do not have.

I have to do a lot of research on how I can even run and manage a business, nonetheless, how to start one for Pete’s sake. For now, I’ll keep the graphic novel going as much as I can. And I need to get back to writing again. One of these days, I have to sit down and get my schedule and all my priorities straighten up. I had company over, which is why I didn’t post last week. Anyhoo, back to where I came from…

Thank you for reading, folks!


Have a wonderful week.


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