What Would You Die For?

Would you die for somebody you loved?

Would you die for any of these: peace, hope, truth, satire, justice, God, or how about writing a book?


  • Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, because of a dream. A dream where everyone would be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin.
  • Mahatma Gandhi believed in nonviolence, education for all, and was a civil rights activist just like Martin Luther King Jr. He promoted vegetarianism, lived a humble lifestyle, and was always searching for the truth.
  • Theo van Gogh was a Dutch film director who was brutally stabbed to death for making a film. It was called Submission, written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is now a humanitarian and advocates for women’s rights in the middle east. She’s under constant death threats all the time.
  • Charlie Hebdo was a French weekly satirical newspaper, where 12 people were killed. Four of them were cartoonists, who drew Muhammad cartoons.
  • Salman Rushdie, who wrote the infamous Satanic Verses, has had a fatwa and a bounty on his head for how many years now? For over two decades. I believe 28 or 30 years now. Even someone who translated his work was killed. Many bookstores were bombed, because of putting his book on their shelves.


This is probably my darkest post yet that I’ve written on this blog so far. I’ve written depressing posts before, but none like this one, and certainly not on here. Or maybe I have, but can’t remember since it’s been so long now.

There’s no other way to discuss this in a more positive light, because let’s face it. Death threats aren’t really funny. I basically have no one I can really talk to, who would understand… I figured I’d get this out of the way and leave this up here, just in case. Everyone’s afraid of death at some point, but would you stand up and fight for what was right? For your dream? Or would you be a coward and run away to live or die another day?


Or maybe I’m just asking the wrong kind of questions…


Let me know what you think

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