Celebrating Freedom Of Speech: Thoughts About The New Gab Site

I’m a member of Gab.ai and I’m loving it.


It’s a step up from Twitter.

onionlikeLet me tell you something, the atmosphere is a lot different. People are extremely happy to be there. The waiting list is long though; however, I got my invite today and it was real easy to set it up. So far, nothing bad has happened to me.

No one is fighting and everyone seems to be getting along. That’s a good start. I’m getting followers along the way. Not much, but that’s all right. I’d rather start small anyway.

Everything’s still in Beta mode and the programmers are still working out all the bugs. I was kind of confused how the “like” system worked exactly, so it took me a few hours to figure it out. It goes by numbers, which is a little strange. If it’s a negative number, that’s bad. It makes sense and it seems to work fine.

Gab.ai was specifically designed for people who hate censorship. So if you were banned, shadow banned, or censored by Twitter for voicing your views, that’s the place for you. However, I will warn you that if you dislike strong language, you probably shouldn’t join. Some people will curse a lot. I think they’re just really excited that they can swear, without any repercussions.

Anyway, freedom of speech is well and alive. It’s not dead. Not yet! Now, there are settings in place where you can censor certain words that you don’t like, which I have yet to try. Don’t know if it works or not. They may be fixing it, since there’s not a lot of videos or images on the site. I did see links to videos though and still images. There’s very few emoticons and moving pictures.


I was thinking of deleting my other accounts: Youtube, Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook. However, since Gab.ai is in testing mode I’ve decided not to remove my sites. It’s better to keep everything. My tweets are now protected public again and I’ve had to let go a few of my followers.

This will give me more control over who’s following me, because there were some security concerns I had and it dealt with trolls. I’ll have to deal with the trolls, because none of my followers could retweet my posts. LOL XD! I had to block and ignore people, because their activity was suspicious. I’ll eventually release them after awhile. All my tweets are still there and I’m reaching 40k. I’m keeping my old stuff though. Just in case anything happens.

Since I haven’t been banned from Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook it wouldn’t make sense to delete my accounts now. I’ll leave them up for as long as I can. If anyone was panicking, I’m sorry I troubled you. Just to let you know, I would never delete these accounts so quickly. Since I have friends on Twitter, I would like to keep in contact with them. They’re important to me.

SmJ6vAnyway, about the graphic novel… Nicoy has finished revising the second book cover and it looks amazing. I love it even more than the first one. She did an outstanding job! She’s finishing another illustration and then we’ll go from there. I’ve got some good news to tell, but I’ll wait until the time is right. There is a chance I may be able to keep the graphic novel going… I won’t spoil it.

I won’t say anything else, because it’s more of a surprise and it’s getting kind of late. Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

Have a goodnight.


Or a good morning!


Let me know what you think

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