Just A Quick Update – Comic Pages Coming Soon

This post is to let everyone know that everything is going great so far. The graphic novel is still moving forward. I’ve been a little busy myself, but that’s all right.


Still watching my budget. It’s still looking good.


Nicoy will be working on the last big illustration and then we’ll see some comic pages for the prologue. She still has two more future characters to work on, but they’ll be more like illustrations than a front and back character sheet. We’re almost there!

After that, we’ll be working on 4 experimental short scripts that I’ve already written and formatted for her. Total will be 49 pages. Some pages will be in color while the rest will be in black-and-white. I don’t know if I’ll post any of the rough sketches up here, but I’ll carefully think about it. Nicoy’s sketches still look amazing, regardless of what.

The reason why I’m doing these scripts first (before the real novel) is to get a feel of what the book would actually look like in the flesh, especially the visual part of it. To see the characters interact and talk to each other, the backgrounds, plus the action will be critical for me to determine whether we move forward or not. If we need to wait it out some more, then I’ll consider it.

My biggest concern is obviously the budget, but also what challenges will we face if we continue this project? Will the dialogue fit with each character? Does their design work or will it need changing? These are some of the questions that we may have to deal with when the time comes. Hopefully, these obstacles are minor ones and not something major.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


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