Protecting The Internet From Censorship: ICANN Giveaway

avatars-onion-291495Sorry, but I had to post this on every blog, since this is so important right now.


No one seems to know anything about this or the truth about the ICANN giveaway. And it’s quite frightening that we have such little time. It’s been going on Twitter and for a month now. As a writer, I take censorship seriously and you should too.

Can you imagine a world where we have to censor news, facts, and information just because someone else felt offended by it? Well, that’s where we’re going, folks. It’ll be like George Orwell’s 1984 novel. Scary, huh?

This is a very serious issue, especially since it’ll deal with all censorship. Obama plans on giving away the Internet on Sept. 30th to the UN or to other international markets. We only have 17 days left! Once it’s gone, I doubt we’ll get it back.

Now, once this happens… Iran, Russia, China, or the EU will get a say in how the Internet should be governed and controlled. If this happens, we will lose our 1st Amendment rights and when it’s dead, that’s it. Game over. Ted Cruz is trying to stop it. Please watch these videos about the Protecting Internet Freedom Act and why we need to stop the Obama administration.



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