I’m Back With Some Updates and Images Of The Graphic Novel!

Seriously, it’s been awhile…


It’s not that I’m lazy, I just didn’t have much to report last time.


So here’s the full update. I got rid of Google Plus, because I didn’t need it anymore and they kept censoring my posts. I’m enjoying Gab very much by the way. They’re making a special place for writers called GabLit, GabComics, and GabWriters. It’ll be exciting what they’ll do to this new site. Twitter is already suffering. Members are leaving in droves, since they keep banning people left and right.

Some good news about the graphic novel. It’s still going. Nicoy finished the 5 prologue pages. I love the stylized images. I told her I wanted it to look a certain way, like a children’s fairy tale book, and she practically hit it right on the nail. The colors are also quite vibrant and beautiful to look at compared to how dark this story really is. Nicoy’s now officially working on the short comics. These will be a little longer, with more panels, and more complex.

We’ll see how it goes. Nicoy’s trying to do the best that she can by bringing out maybe 3 to 5 drawings a week. She has other projects to work on, which is why I have to be patient. I’ve been experimenting and using Adobe Indesign for setting up the pages, mostly the interior parts.

I had about 25 pages worth of what the graphic novel might look like, I did a few page designs for myself, since I’m good at digital media and photoshop. But it’s not set in stone as of yet. I still have to upload it on Createspace and see if the resolution (the DPI) is good enough for printing. The images are quite large, so I have to shrink them a little. Not by much. Mostly for a book template of 7 x 10.

My computer has been really slow lately and I don’t know why. It could be a lot of things: Internet connection, not enough memory, or server problems. Who knows?

I am going to show you some interior images. Just 2 of them. I’m sorry, but I can’t show you any more of Nicoy’s character designs. Last week, someone had stolen one of my character artworks online and was selling it on Amazon. It was a character from one of my published novels, so now I’m terrified of having anything revealed before publishing day. I hope you understand. It’s too great a risk to take.

These might be possible page designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And thank you for reading!



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