I Made A Book Trailer For The Graphic Novel

So, I was experimenting with my iMovie maker last night…

mr-onion-head-111-gifc200It crashed like a couple of times, since it’s so very very old.

aQtfzWhy does it keep changing the clip & video times? It’s quite annoying. I understand if I add in a transition it would change…yet it would adjust clips whenever it felt like it, even without transitions.

Oh well…

I also used Garage Band and put in some music. That crashed only once.avatar-emoticon-onion-head-22But I finally made a book trailer.

It’s 40-42 seconds long and probably the best trailer I’ve made in like how many years.

WbY2eGee, the last two trailers I made were for Nightmarish Reality and that’s like about 4-5 years ago. The first one had been on YouTube, but the second one had to be taken down due to the music. It was like 1-2 minutes long and was supposed to be an experimental piece. Anyway it didn’t work out, because I couldn’t time the text to stay on the screen long enough to be read. I was using a special effects program to make the film look like a dream.

Back then, I had my sucky analog camera (the only one I had) and recorded my voice and some sound effects. I didn’t have much to work with at all when I made the first book trailer. It wasn’t bad, but maybe one of these days I could do a new and improved book trailer. Or maybe do some longer films.

Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to make one long enough, since I have no music and no microphone to record sounds. I would love to create my own tunes someday or have my own band. But that’s not happening any time soon. I’ll probably look around and see what kind of software allows you to create your own music, because Garage Band kinda sucks at the moment.

Will I post this new book trailer on YouTube?

dMhLPEh, I’ll think about it…


Let me know what you think

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