Designing The Interior Of A Graphic Novel Is Hard Work…

I’m so very tired right now, folks…


I’ve been working on the interior all morning and the last two days straight. The graphic novel has reached 53-54 pages now.


Did I mention we haven’t even started on the comic pages yet…

You know, the ones with action and dialogue…

avatars-onion-877872At least now I know what I’m doing, thank God. But man, it’s so tedious. I have to go through all the character profiles and divide them into their own little categories. With so many profiles, I’m trying to keep them as simple as possible.

The inside of the graphic novel is beautiful though, but there’s still so much I need to finish off. I’m doing the important characters first. At least I got those down pretty easily.

This is my list so far of what’s going to be in the entire graphic novel, once it’s completed in one or two volumes… Hopefully, I can put this in one volume but it might be too much and too expensive, especially with all the ink I’ll be using.

  1. Credits
  2. Prologue
  3. Table of Contents…? Maybe?
  4. Comic Pages (once we get those done…)
  5. The Main Characters
  6. The Side Characters
  7. The Villains
  8. The Weapons
  9. The Robots
  10. The Minor Characters
  11. Beast Transformations & More
  12. Character Features, Tattoos, & Scars
  13. Sketches & Reworks

I think I got it… hopefully, I’m not missing anything else.

And I’m out!



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