Why No Updates On The Graphic Novel?

I haven’t updated, blogged, or written anything important about the graphic novel for quite some time now.

It’s not your fault, folks. It’s mine.


Lately, I’ve been so absorbed by more important issues in my life that I don’t blog like I used to anymore…


But today I have to take a break from it all.


Maybe I’ve been a little lazy too.

Or maybe I just haven’t been in the right mood of keeping everyone posted about the little things, since progress is still kind of slow. Next year, I hope I’ll have more to say.


But I do have some good news though. Nicoy is finishing off the first short script this month. It’s about 21 pages and it’s called Star-Crossed Lovers. My graphic novel is mostly satire and it’s a space opera, but these shorter stories focus more closely with the characters themselves. They have drama and some romance as well, but they’re meant to be simple.

We did have some problems or hiccups in the beginning, dealing with the amount of panels on a page and the sketches of how the main character would look. It was hard at times, because I wasn’t seeing nor visualizing my character the way that they were supposed to be. Sometimes, I hardly recognized them due to a particular look or outfit.

avatars-onion-877872Nicoy does a lot of quick, rough sketches that I was really impressed by how fast she was. However, I just wasn’t seeing the main character for some reason. Grant it, Nicoy did very well with drawing another character, but there was still something off about the main character though.

She told me that some artists, in order to save time, would draw a basic model sketch. Then, in the final, she draws over it again and goes into all the specific details such as the style of hair, features, etc, etc.

It wasn’t in anyway Nicoy’s fault, since she’s going by the script. Nicoy followed everything exactly, but she doesn’t know everything about the characters’ personalities and their mannerisms in great detail like I do. I even told Nicoy to take a break from it (like a week) and come back to it later.

Eventually, Nicoy suggested I draw some of the scenes to help with the layout and how the characters would talk and behave. It was a really great idea! I had fun drawing stick figures and coloring in scenes. My drawings were bright and colorful. When I couldn’t draw anymore, I decided to use some stock images as references and make them like a comic.

We’re on a tight budget by the way, which is why we have to make do with what we have. It’s very challenging telling a story completely within a certain amount of pages and we can’t go overboard too much. There’s no deadlines. Thank God.

So Nicoy can take her time, which is great for her. If I had more money, I’d probably be doing comics and mangas for the rest of my life. I’ve noticed that mangas have enough volumes and plenty of pages to go over tons of character development. Sadly, I don’t have that. These short comics must be interesting and have enough story in them, because they end real quick.

Nicoy’s husband, Kenet, has also joined the team as well. I’m so very happy! He did the first 3 pages of the actual graphic novel and they look spectacular. Initially, I was extremely nervous about starting the graphic novel, since it’s not like the shorter scripts at all. It has a much serious and darker tone to it, especially that first half.

I was so afraid all our planning and preparation…that I was making a huge mistake. For how many weeks and months I’ve had to wait to start on it. Now, we’re actually creating the graphic novel and it’s going along smoothly.

Kenet is drawing and coloring about 20 something pages. I love his style, because it’s dark and grim looking. Both of them do amazing work!

Anyway, that’s all I have for now.


Take care, everyone!


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