Designing The Interior Graphic Novel – Almost Finished With The Layout

Only 12 more character profiles to design for the interior and I should be almost done.


Everything’s looking great so far.

onionlikeI’ve been perfecting the art of formatting and lining up the images just right. A couple of times I had to go back and adjust some minor details. It’s my first time doing this, so everything is a brand new learning experience. I’m still waiting for Nicoy to finish coloring and detailing one of the comics. We’ve all been pretty busy lately, since each of us are doing our own part.

If I were to publish a book right now with what I have, it would be about 150 pages or more. Nicoy hasn’t even finished coloring Star-Crossed Lovers, which by the way is 21 pages long, and I already have enough additional stuff and material to make two books so far. That’s how big this project has gotten.

I just hope that I’ve given enough information about each character, so people understand who they are and what they do exactly. I’m trying my hardest not be too wordy in certain sections. I’m always revising, rewriting, checking for any typos or mistakes. The drawings Nicoy drew look fabulous! The interior looks professional, organized, and colorful.


Here’s a list of what I’ve finished: Not sure if I did this before in another post… maybe?

  1. Warning & Disclaimer – Just in case. This will be in every issue.
  2. 8 pages of a possible Hook Opening – Don’t know if I’ll keep this or not.
  3. The Prologue (12 pages) – This will be in the 1st graphic novel.
  4. The Credits (2 pages) – in every issue.
  5. Chapter 1  Image & Title Design (2 pages) – This design will be in the actual book itself.
  6. The Main Characters (54 pages)
  7. The Side Characters (14 pages)
  8. The Helpful Bots (5 pages)
  9. Illustrated Character Posters (8 pages) – one for each issue, if we finish it all.
  10. The Evil Villains – should be about 5 pages when completed
  11. Other Characters – should be 4 pages
  12. The Other Bots – should be 4 pages
  13. Future Characters – should be 4 pages – It takes 2 pages to fill each bio.
  14. Fake Ads (? pages) – We’ll see how this goes.
  15. Back Blurb Resource Guide (? pages) – Every issue will have this. It’s still in the works.
  16. Old Sketches & Reworks (? pages) – Just a thought. We have lots of older sketches.
  17. Scripts (? pages) – Might be redundant, since we’ll have the visual comics… but I guess if anyone’s interested in reading them, we may have this for just the short comics only.
  18. Encyclopedia or Vocabulary List (? pages) – Don’t know if it’s necessary. New terms are explained in the same scene & comic anyway.

And that’s it for tonight, folks!


Have a goodnight.


Let me know what you think

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