Brainstorm: Should I Create A Marketing Package? Is Crowdfunding A Viable Option?

I’ll be writing down a strategy on how I could market the graphic novel after it’s been published.


Here’s what I could do…just some basics…


Who’s my target audience? 

  • The graphic novel has mature, political, and controversial content.
  • It has to be ages 18 and up.
  • Preferably people who aren’t easily offended and hate political correctness.
  • Not for the faint of heart.

What’s my genre?

  • Dark Satire
  • Space Opera
  • Comedy

Ways to build a following.

  • Build & create a webcomic.
  • Offer free sample pages.
  • Buy Ads through social media and promote it by myself.
  • Kickstarter & Patreon
  • Create a store
  • Book Fairs & Conventions
  • Newspapers & Media outlets… ?

g3pVP  In the past, I’ve done marketing before and it has never been a pleasant experience for me.

I have to give credit to people who make commercials for a living, because it must be the hardest thing ever… especially if the product sucks so bad. How they keep it together with all the competition and stress, I’ll never know.

I remember just a lot of ups and downs, driving from one location to another. Talking to random strangers on the side of the road about a film they’ve never even heard of was nerve-racking and probably dangerous now that I look back on it. There’s very few places that will allow someone like me to just advertise on the street, without paying for something… a fee most likely.

I’ve read several books dealing with Gorilla Marketing Strategies and some of these tactics haven’t been successful for me whatsoever. Trust me, I’ve tried it. The only thing I’ve never done is contacting the local newspaper and other media outlets. Why would they care? Unless, you’re Samuel Jackson.

You basically have to sell it and persuade them. You may even have to pay them a little extra. At certain film festivals, you must always have a marketing package. They won’t even let you inside the theater, unless you have one. Also, you gotta pay a fee.

It’s the only way people will ever know about your film. You talk to people on the street or at a booth and give them free stuff, that’s what I remember from it. Once the free stuff is gone, that’s it. You pray you did your job well and you moved on. If ten people came to see the movie you were assigned to advertise, despite you never watching it nor reading the horrible reviews about it… that was considered a miracle.

Better to have a few people show up than nobody at all. An empty theater room is the worst feeling ever. Then again, if the director of the film didn’t care to give you any promotional items whatosever, you were pretty much on your own to guess what the movie was about. You’re kinda screwed at that point. Yeah, good times!

I’ve done marketing on a shoestring budget before. It’s possible to do, but it’s not easy, especially if you’re doing everything on your own. Colleges forbid anyone handing out business cards, flyers, or booklets to students, unless you have written permission from the school board director, etc etc.

I remember the days I used to walk around and advertise on foot as part of an assignment. It was the hardest thing in my life. I had published a book and marketing was a complete pain in my ass. Nowadays, people just pay for a PR agent and call it a day. I couldn’t even sell a pet rock, even if my life depended on it.

avatars-onion-877872I can only think of a couple events that might be worth my time: Book Fairs and Comic Conventions. Then again, since I’m nobody special, I’d be giving away free stuff just to get people to read the book. Can I even afford that kind of expensive trip? Anyway, those only happen once a year. Thank Goodness. At least I can always plan ahead though.

Even when I was forced to do it, it was never fun at all. I am creative enough to come up with ideas. I can imagine cool ways to get people into buying something of interest. I love the thought of designing webpages and coming up with merchandise.

I can handle promotional items such as keychains, notebooks, watches, T-shirts, posters, gift cards, etc etc. But I’m no salesperson. Pitching an idea or a concept is nothing for me. Marketing and selling is a whole other playing field. Since I love what I’m doing and have a passion for my projects, I’ve always given it my 150%. There’s still a chance I can do this, if I think positive enough.

Crowdfunding is a huge one. It’s a topic that comes up all the time. I’ve discussed this with some of my family members. Not all of them like the idea, because they really don’t understand it exactly. I’ve had to break it down to them so many times. I’m seriously thinking of trying it, because I’ve never done one before.

It keeps popping up every now and then, inside my brain. Can’t stop thinking about “what if” I had taken the chance. It’s a big risk and I may not even gain any money from it, just like everything else.

Maybe I’ll gain experience. I used to take a lot of risks when I was younger, but now I’m so afraid to just fail horribly. I still have a long way to go, and I’m going to need a plan first.

If I don’t come up with a marketing strategy, I’ll be completely unprepared.



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