Trying To Meet Submission Requirements For Graphic Novel

It’s a bit of a pain, but I’m having my second go at trying to meet the requirements for the graphic novel.


Since the margins are so different compared to a regular text paperback book, the bleed trim areas are a little new to me.


If I had a webcomic this wouldn’t be a problem, but then again, what would happen if I ever decided to print the darn thing out? I’d have to deal with this at some point in my life.

waiting44I had to wait about 24 hours to find out that my book cover didn’t meet the requirements for printing, so I had to format it again, including a formatted interior and wait another 24 hours. So in total 48 hours has passed.

This time the book cover finally meets the guidelines for printing, but now the interior needs a larger margin for the inside gutter area. At least a .5 is what they’re telling me for a page count of 174 pages for full color bleed. Yes, I added some more pages and didn’t realize this would effect everything until now. Stupid me.

So back to the drawing board! I’m just lucky that I have InDesign, because it helps so much. All I have to do is change the inside margins and that’s it. Then, I gotta export the file into PDF for a final version. I may not be able to get the book printed and shipped until after Christmas or New Year’s, which is a real shame.

Oh well, at least now I know what I’m actually doing and what needs to be fixed. I’ll have to take into account all the margins, page counts, bleed trim areas, and gutter into consideration before I publish the graphic novel. This is more complicated than printing out a regular book with just words in it.


Anyhoo, back to waiting another 24 hours just to see what they say.


Let me know what you think

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