Getting Two Books Ready For Printing Next Month!

I’m waiting for Createspace to approve two of my books for printing this week.


thephonedanceI had no problems getting approved for my other novel, Nightmarish Reaction, since it was all text and has very few images. In fact, CS had finished checking the book in a matter of a few hours. In less than a day I received a message from CS, telling me that the book is ready to go!

This book is much smaller than the graphic novel by the way. The dimensions for it is 5.06 x 7.81. Since I’ve published before in this size, I’ve gotten used to formatting all my regular novels in the same way.

However, I had to go back and make a few changes to the front cover. I noticed a strange line at the left side of the page, which is supposed to be part of the spine. Don’t know why it got trimmed like that, but it’s bugging me, so it had to be fixed.

Createspace said they could have the copies done in a day or two and the books would be sent to my house by next week. I don’t want to rush anything, and yet I’m really eager to see what they’ll look like printed out. I still won’t be ready to publish in a few months or next year. Let’s hope by next month everything goes well and the print quality is up to par.



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