Createspace, Make Up Your Damn Mind! Are You Trying To Censor The Graphic Novel?

Createspace will not approve my graphic novel for printing, even after they said it was ready for printing with an inside gutter margin of .625 and outside margins with .375 for a bleed trim area.

Angry as Hell


DIE!Now, Createspace is telling me I still need a wider inside margin, but I’ve already used .625 and .75, which they both approved of by the way… But they still won’t print out the damn paperback copy of Flash Renegade.

So, I’ve had to change my file again, using the largest inside margin size at .875, which is supposed to be for books of 700 pages or more.

Createspace, are you trying to stop me from printing out my book?! Are you trying to censor me? Because if you are… I’ll be blogging about my experiences and I won’t be playing this game. I don’t buy any of your excuses either. 😐


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