Createspace Tried To Contact Me After My Recent Complaint…That Was Fast!

Yesterday, I had posted my complaint at the CS community forums about my graphic novel being approved twice, only to be rejected at every turn.


I’ve even posted my experience on as well, thinking that my book was actually being censored due to the subject matter.

Why approve of the graphic novel and then reject it when it’s practically the same file with the exact same margins? The only difference is I added two pages, and that was it.


I was getting a bunch of strange calls today and I didn’t know from who or from where. I thought it was from a telemarketer. Apparently, CS was trying to contact me all day and when they didn’t reach me, they decided to email me instead.

Once I received the email from Elisabeth, saying they wanted to help me, I decided to make a call to let CS know about my concerns. A rep named Steve or Steven spoke to me and said that there was nothing wrong with the file that he could see, despite the fact that the graphic novel was still being reviewed. Steve told me if it was rejected again that they’d have a group of experts look at it. So, I’m relieved that they’ll make a note of it and let me know what is going on.

I just hope I can finally get approved this time around, so I can print out a copy already. I want to see if the quality is up to par and if CS is really worth my time. I’ve been with them since 2011, nearly 6 years now. At least they were helpful, honest, and I’ll give them that. They really do care about their reputation.


I’ll keep you guys posted on what CS does from now on.

Thanks for reading!


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