I Called Createspace Again…Book Keeps Getting Rejected By The System!

So, I called CS again after my graphic novel got rejected… I’ve lost count of how many times now.


Spoke to a woman named Jamie and she seemed nice.

nKcQgShe asked what the story was about. I was a little hesitate to tell her everything, but I told her it was a Satire and it was about a girl who wanted to change the world. Like a superhero story.

She even looked at the files herself and saw nothing wrong with them, but I can’t help but wonder what she thought about that disclaimer and the rest of the pages, since it’s about the so-called religion of peace.

She probably thought, “What the hell is this graphic novel about?”

Anyway, she was still respectful and polite, although there were times I had a hard time hearing her.

CS is going to get a group of professionals to look at the files, since they’re so large apparently. There also might be a glitch in the system.

Let’s hope they can fix it.