New Game Changer – I’ve Got An Idea! Maybe It’s Worth A Try…

I’m going to change up my entire plan, since I have no other choice in the matter.

dMhLPI don’t want to knock down Createspace too much, because they’ve been trying to help me and have been good to me so far. I haven’t had any real trouble with them for nearly six years…despite maybe one mishap when they changed the cover quality on one of my books.

Other than that, I can’t really remember any major problems with them at all.


I think it’s better if I shorten the graphic novel and break it down into three separate parts. Probably should’ve done this at the start.


If I can keep the page count down to say, 50 to 70 pages, maybe I’ll have better luck at getting everything printed. It seems Createspace doesn’t have the capacity or the ability to handle such large page counts, especially when it comes to full color bleeds.

I’ve noticed that their system is extremely slow when it comes to downloading the book as well. And it’s only 173 pages now, after deleting some extra pages.

When it comes to printing regular text paperback books, it’s better and faster at Createspace. They’ve got the black-and-white ink handled pretty well. So if you needed a 1,000 page novel, I think CS would be a perfect choice, especially if you wanted it delivered to your house fast and at a good quality. As long as you get the correct margins for your book size and it has a no bleed zone you should be fine.

I’ll still make the necessary changes, such as keeping text outside of the inner gutter margins. But I’ll be busy all day making the revisions to the graphic novel, which will be a little tedious I’m sure. We’ll see how this plan works out or if I’m just wasting my time with CS.



Let me know what you think

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