I Have Two Major Life Choices To Make… Life or Death?

Some people will probably think this is the stupidest post ever.

Or I’m the most selfish person in the world.


All right, I’m selfish. So there you go…

I already said it for you. Happy now?


However, this is a life and death matter.


Sure, some people make a lot of mistakes or stupid choices all the time. But I’m actually trying to do this for a good reason. For free speech. So that others may have courage and have freedom of speech in the near future. These future writers and artists will speak their mind, without fear. I want to be able to talk about issues that I want to discuss, but in a graphic novel format.

There are many ways I could’ve probably used my money more wisely. I could’ve just given it to a charity to feed the homeless or something to help the cause, but I didn’t… I feel like it won’t be enough money to change these problems or make much of a difference.

It will make me feel better for a little; however, these issues aren’t going to be resolved any time soon. I’d love to end FGM and World Hunger right now, but these problems will never go away. One person can’t fix it, because it would take a worldwide effort and everyone would have to be involved.

I’ve been given an opportunity to go back to college and learn some new skills for the future. But I may not be able to finish the graphic novel. I could improve my life and maybe get better job opportunities. Who really knows? Or I could use what little I have left and finish the graphic novel, which might get me and my family killed.


I’m really at a crossroad here…


Let me know what you think

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