Still Finishing Other Paid Commissions

Important update!


Nicoy is still working on the shorter comics of Flash Renegade as of now. Last year November 2016, I had already paid her to sketch and ink Star-Crossed Lovers first (pages 1-21), before we moved to the next stage. This also included some smaller commissioned pieces and 2 possible future characters.

avatar-emoticon-onion-head-232After Nicoy’s finished, she’ll be doing all the rough sketches for The First Stage of The Phoenix, A Lesson On Plant Biology, and Her Special Day. These short comics are about 6-10 pages long and would be bonus material for a Character Art Book that would have every character in the series, including their detailed facts and information, profiles, etc. I had printed out a paperback copy of it at Createspace, which came up to 172 pages.

It had additional material as well, like Rho’s Beast Transformations and so on. The characters Nicoy and Mark drew came out very good, since we’re mixing both black-and-white and full colored pages in one book. I’m planning on publishing this Character Art Book, along with the graphic novel itself. But we’ll see how that goes…

Mark (Kenet) is finishing up another batch of three pages for the graphic novel itself. I had sent him a revision of pages 4-6. The pacing was off in the last two pages, but once he follows the script he’ll get it down and then we can move on. Mark is doing the first 20-25 pages of Flash Renegade (Part 1).

Each artist is trying to finish as much as they can to the best of their ability, without rushing through everything. We’ve had to put some limits on a few things, due to budget restrictions. Also, Nicoy and Mark do have other jobs, projects, and responsibilities as well. I’d rather have them take their time visualizing a scene, sketching, revising, and inking the details in than to rush through all 50 pages in one go. I feel that the quality will suffer because of that, but that’s just me…


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