Flash Renegade – The Story, The Characters, & More


I completely forgot to post the character designs for Flash Renegade: The Graphic Novel up on this site, but here they are finally.

This is basically what is on Kickstarter.


The Story:

Flash Renegade is a satirical graphic novel that blends both space opera and tragicomedy altogether into one whole mix. It focuses on issues that are frequently ignored and its themes have been considered too taboo to speak about, such as religion, sex, and politics.

It’s about a Jamaican/Asian woman, named Rho, whose name rhymes with flow. She just goes along with the punches. Flash Renegade, I mean Rho, may be the last of her kind in a very dangerous, hostile galaxy filled with alternate worlds.

The human race is almost extinct, especially the opposite gender, and Rho wants to find a place where she belongs. She’s 34 billion years old.

How is she still alive, you say?

It’s quite simple really. Rho was chosen by the Almighty God Herself and given special gifts. One was the gift of everlasting life –– of immortality.

To Rho these abilities, these powers, are nothing but a curse. After that, she vowed to never put her trust in God again. Rho is a pariah, an untouchable –– someone who is incapable of being loved.

She’s here to rid the universe of demonic entities: Islamic terrorists, FGM cults, child murderers, skin-ripping cannibals, sadistic knife-wielding dictators, psychotic false prophets, bible-thumping antichrists, bitchy fat fanatics, pro-Sharia feminists, lecherous popes with fangs, liberal democratic leeches, pedophiles, blood-sucking fiends, so-called religions of peace, suicidal extremists, serial rapists, and galore. All known as Parasites.

Rho is the Fierce Angel of Death, a badass, and the Anti-Hero of this tale. She’s not your typical bounty hunter and she’s not politically correct either. Rho’s considered the Most Wanted Criminal in the Universe. Her head alone is worth $900 gazillion credits.

As a cursed individual, doomed from the start, Rho is forced to hunt down and kill those who can never be reformed, sending them straight to Hell. These are the only ones the Almighty God Herself have forsaken and given up on. Rho wipes out whole civilizations and feeds on the blood of her enemies, the infected souls whose hearts are so twisted by evil, by hatred and greed.

Rho’s main objective is to stop these Parasites from spreading across the universe, even if it means destroying everything and everyone in her path… even if it means killing the very one she loves.

She is nowhere near being the perfect weapon and suffers from a tragic past she refuses to remember. Her turbulent emotions still have a strong hold over her. But worst of all… what’s left of her humanity?

The Artists:

Nicoy Guevarra

Nicoy is a professional illustrator and character design artist. I’ve been working with her for quite some time now. If you’d like to know more about Nicoy, please feel free to check out her works here.

Deviant Art

Nicoy’s Personal Blog

Mark Kenneth Guevarra (or Kenet)

Mark is also a professional artist, illustrator, and comic book artist. He is the newest member to the team. Here are some of his works. Actual drawings from the graphic novel.

Art by Mark Kenneth
Art by Mark Kenneth

The Characters:

Rho Tiarmstrong

Rho is the main star of this show. She’s bold, witty, and fast. About 7 feet tall and 13 inches (precisely 8 feet and 1 inch), she’s freaking tall to our standards. But in this world, she has to look mean and tough, for she’s not alone.

A lot of citizens are just as big as her or even twice that! She’s considered small and petite to the Butch and Military Fems. Don’t let her looks fool you, she’s actually not a moody bitch and enjoys living a peaceful, ordinary life.

Modern Day Rho by Nicoy Guevarra

What more can I say? I have a thing for Cowboy Rho. ^_^ In this New Age, it’s the wild wild west all over again. She’s built to withstand almost anything, even on No Man’s Land, a reddish planet with deadly lifeforms. But sometimes, Rho’s emotions still get the better of her.

Cowboy Rho by Nicoy Guevarra

Let’s hope we get to Samurai Rho one of these days…

Samurai Rho by Nicoy Guevarra


Fay is the tiny sidekick that lives inside Rho’s body. Rho sometimes calls her “Fairy Godmother” or even worse “Mr. Eyeball.” We don’t know what she is exactly. Maybe an alien crossbreed between a bird and a snake.

She guides and protects Rho, giving her great advice. Fay pops up whenever she feels like it, mostly near Rho’s back and shoulders. She’s also a little annoying, but is quite a skilled fighter.



Nina’s a helpful maid robot, who is friendly and kind.

Nina by Nicoy Guevarra

Mahlah Kised Is’eeda

A dark, mysterious girl with plenty of secrets… is she friend or foe? I guess you’ll just have to find out.

Mahlah Kised Is’eeda by Nicoy Guevarra

Regine Victtoria Grace

Regine is a General and the Commander of the Aeron, which is a living alien and mecha spacecraft. She’s taller than Rho, nearly 8 feet and 11 inches.

Regine Victtoria Grace by Nicoy Guevarra

Omari Roseheart

Omari’s 20 years old and is a Flower BoyToy A.I., who lives in Cloud Nine. He works at the nightclub, the Cock House, where several of the Military Fems spend their time. He’s a stripper, hostess, and a waiter.

Omari Roseheart by Nicoy Guevarra

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is the Host with the Most. He’s a speaker and an entertainer. He owns the Cock House.

Big Daddy by Nicoy Guevarra



Glomtom is 9 feet tall and weighs 900 pounds. You don’t want to mess around with this Two-Headed Bitch.

Glomtom by Nicoy Guevarra


Parris is a mini-robot, who helps Big Daddy by doing errands for him. He also changes into a microphone.

Parris by Nicoy Guevarra


He’s a bad boy…

Mordecai by Nicoy Guevarra

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