Making Adjustments To Final Book Cover #4

We’ll Be Revising It A Bit More Before Publishing


I love the covers Nicoy designed for me and she always does such an amazing job. However, we’ll be making a few revisions to get it just right, because we want it to look the best there is. I’ve done digital media before and certain things have to look a particular way. Not to mention, I have friends who are professional artists and big into comic books. So, it’s good to get their opinions from time to time.

I probably won’t have much time left to post up the revised version or the link to the video on Kickstarter itself, since Nicoy’s still working on it. But I’ll post the video and images on other sites though. Just know that whatever book covers, images, and characters you see on here, on tumblr, on Kickstarter, or on Patreon often tend to be tweaked or revised later on.

Once everything’s published, then it’s pretty much set in stone. ^__^