Galactic Log 1.7 – A Meaningless Existence (Rho Tiarmstrong)

I take a deep breath and press the button for the intercom speaker.

“Who is it?” I ask in a huff.

I view the tiny monitor before me, but then I remember it’s broken––ancient technology. There’s no way I’ll be able to see anything through this hunk of junk.

“Special delivery for Room 429,” says a cheery voice on the other line.

I’m getting a little impatient as to why this individual is disturbing me at this hour. “Just tell me what it is. I don’t recall ordering any packages.”

“It’s not a package.”

“Then, what the fuck is it?” I shout out, pounding on the door in anger.

“Miss Rho, is that you?”

“Whaa…? How do you know my fuckin’ address?” I ask, looking through the peephole.

I see the eyes of a yellow robot staring right back at me. It looks like a small saucer as it floats around in mid-air. The sliding door opens and I realize this thing is carrying bags of groceries, full of food.

“Don’t you remember me, Miss Rho? It’s me. Nina,” Nina says, blinking with her electronic lights for eyes.

I tilt my head. “I never saw you in my life.”

“You look awfully different, Miss Rho. Can I come in and put these down?” she asks.

Stepping back, I let the little robot come inside the apartment. The door slams shut though.

“Just drop the bags over there and get out,” I say, pointing in the direction of the dirty kitchen.

Nina glances around with her eyes. “Wow, this place is a mess, Miss Rho…”

“I don’t care how you know my name, but I want you out. Do you hear me? Put the bags on the ground and just go. Now.” I want her to leave pronto.

“I can cook and clean for you, Miss Rho. Would you like that?” she asks, smiling at me.

I raise my brow in surprise. “You can cook? Clean too?”

Because I obviously can’t do any of those things, I think to myself.

“Yes, Miss Rho. I can make practically anything you want. What would you like to eat?”

“Wait, wait a second!” I step in front of Nina and force her to stop. “How in the world? I mean––how did you get here exactly? How did you find me?”

Nina places the bags on the floor, since the kitchen counter is stacked with unclean plates. “Wasn’t it you that called me, Miss Rho? I used to care for you and your sister, but I went out on my own and found a job.”

“Excuse me? I have a sister?” I’m so confused at the moment. “That’s impossible.”

“Your sister is the Commander of the Aeron. Did you lose your memory again, Miss Rho? It seems to happen quite a lot these days.”

“Now that I think about it, you do look strangely familiar…like I’ve seen you before,” I say as her words ring true in my ears.

“Miss Rho, I have to be honest with you…this place needs some serious work. There’s no room for anything. I can help you clean up, but if you don’t want me here, Miss Rho, I’ll gladly leave.” Nina starts floating toward the exit.

I jump over a few boxes and block the door. The towel falls to the floor. Embarrassed by the situation, I cover my right breast and private parts.

“You know, I-I think you should stay. I don’t know what you are…um yellow saucer thingy. I-I could maybe use your assistance…somewhere around here. What’s your name again, little bot girl?”

Nina picks up the towel and examines it. “It’s Nina. Miss Rho, I think we should start the laundry and get you some clean clothes to put on first.”

“That would be a great idea, ‘cause I haven’t got a clue as to where any of my clothes are…”

(To Be Continued…)

Copyrighted © 2017 by W.D. Lady


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