My Views On Inkitt and Why I Haven’t Done Much Writing Lately…

It’s been a very busy month for me, so when I’m off on the weekend I just end up crashing and burning. Mostly sleeping in bed.


I haven’t done much writing at all these days.

This week has been especially hectic for a bunch of reasons.


So first off, I’ve been studying a lot since I’ve gone back to school and I’ve been trying to keep myself focused on what’s more important. It’s funny now that I’m active, I have a lot of ideas floating inside my head. Got some new stories in mind that I need to write down. I had to push them back due to schoolwork and exams; however, there’s one idea that won’t leave me alone no matter how hard I try.

It’s gotten to a point that I’m even dreaming about it night after night. I can’t get a break from it, so I’ll have to force myself to do some writing today. My mind’s telling me this needs to be written somewhere on a piece of paper or else. Hopefully, it’ll disappear soon enough and I can continue with my boring, ordinary life.

The idea does revolve around the Nightmarish Reality series, in particular one of my four future books that I have yet to finish writing. Don’t know where I’ll put it or where it’ll belong since I’ve decided not to write anymore of the others…either Nightmarish Reverie, Regeneration, Reawakening, or Recollections. It goes to show you that regardless of what I’m doing, I have a habit of going back.

This concept is quite different from the previous books, but the horror element is still there, it’s happening in the same universe. None of the original characters are present in the future books, even though I wanted to explore more of the side characters…I had actually lost interest in continuing it.

But this idea is quirky and a little terrifying in many ways, despite its humorous nature. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still controversial but deals with a character coming of age and some sexual undertones. It’s more like a black comedy, and yet it’s not funny at all. The mood and tone would be off in some ways. From light and seemingly normal with hidden subtexts to extremely dark, off the wall content.


Anyhoo, my thoughts on Inkitt.

I was browsing on Facebook for a while, until I noticed a Writing Contest held by Inkitt. It sounded interesting at first glance. But I did spot a couple of warning signs though. In fact, I saw many signs… the site reminded me of Authonomy, which was closed down by HarperCollins. It had the same concept as well. These sites are basically like a beauty pageant or popularity contest. It really doesn’t matter how good your story is, everything’s based on ratings and reviews alone.

onion-avatar094Don’t know exactly how these ratings work, but this type of system won’t last for very long. Inkitt wants authors from all over to submit their entire novel to them online, which is one huge red flag. If enough readers enjoy your story, Inkitt will publish your works and you’ll get some publishing package, including 25% royalties.

If your story gets picked up by a major publisher, which is doubtful and quite rare, they’ll give you 85% royalties.

That’s another red flag I noticed. First of all, authors & writers should know that they’ll get a bigger royalty just by going through the self-publishing route. Inkitt is looking for desperate authors/writers, because they want to take advantage of people’s hopes and dreams. If people only went to Kindle Direct Publishing or Createspace, they would realize the truth and get a better royalty.

Kindle has 35-70% royalty and CS is always 60-80%. It doesn’t matter if the book gets picked up by a big publisher or not, at least you retain 100% of your rights and you can do whatever you want with it.

With Inkitt, not so much because there’s a contract you have to sign. Depending on what’s in their contract, if anyone actually reads it, once your novel is posted on Inkitt anyone can basically read it for free. Although, there’s a limited amount of free copies to go around, you need to realize people are still getting these for free while you’re not being paid a dime.

What does Inkitt do to prevent from theft, if say someone were to plagiarize a story? How do authors protect themselves in general? Can authors cancel out of their contracts and delete their stories from the site completely? These are some of the questions I had in mind, but I doubt that Inkitt has all the answers or a clear-cut method of weeding out plagiarized content.

Sure, Inkitt may be new and worth a moment to try. I remember how gullible I used to be one time, but Inkitt seems way too good to be true. I think I’ll stick to self-publishing by myself, thank you.



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