Two Places For Nightmarish Reaction (Vol.3)


Just to be on the safe side, I’ll post my chapters at DA and here at WordPress from now on. A friend of mine had told me about Wattpad, but I remember posting on that site before and it was not working out for me.

I’ve noticed that they’ve changed over the years and there’s an even bigger section for horror nowadays, which is good. But it’s still not my thing.

Since NR3 is the third book in the Nightmarish Reality series, I doubt that newcomers will ever understand what the heck is going on without reading the first two books. I guess, I still have some use for the old site after all.

At least, this way I won’t have to worry about whole chapters being deleted or disappearing out of the blue, due to other site rules, etc.

I finally have the freedom to do whatever I want.


If you’d like to view chapter blanky blank, go right ahead.

I will not have numbers for any of the chapters, like chapter 1 or so on. The reason for this is because I haven’t decided the order of certain events. If I do publish in the future, some chapters may not be set in stone or may be removed later on.

There’s no guarantee that these chapters will be in the final book. I’m just posting these for my readers and fans, because I seriously don’t know if I’ll ever publish NR 3 or the rest of the series.

Read RED THORNS from Nightmarish Reaction.


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