How Did My Final Book Promotion Go? Some Thoughts…

After every e-book promotion, I like to go back and review a few things in general. However, this will be my final promotion and the last time I do Kindle Unlimited.


I didn’t do so horribly as I thought.


About 40 e-books were downloaded this week.


That’s not bad and it could’ve gone a lot worse. It was a spontaneous move to have the promotion the next day. Usually, I like to have it all planned out, like 1-2 weeks or a month in advance.

I’m thankful I was able to get so many downloads. In the past, it’s been a little higher at about 90-100 downloads or so. I’ve only had a total of 4-5 promotions and that’s it. What’s funny is… I only started doing promotions last year. This is not a yearly thing I do.


But I’m still grateful though.

onion-avatar099My only main concern is that I wish I had more reviews on the Amazon site or in general really. I know, be careful what you wish for. Feedback is extremely important to me, especially constructive criticism. Negative trolls and rude people will always be around, no matter where you go. To find feedback from a person that’s both positive and constructive is a rare thing these days. That’s like finding a diamond in the sand or a needle in a haystack. Cliches’ around.

I’ve read of unknown authors giving away their books to certain famous book critics, in order to get more reviews. Some authors buy their own reviews, which to me is unethical in so many ways. Not even my own family members buy nor review by books.

I just don’t have the time to contact book critics and I do NOT want to ship my books to strangers, begging them for an honest review. They may not be interested in the genre in the first place, so why waste my time and theirs?

I think I got one negative review on some other site with 1 star, but the person didn’t leave a written review whatsoever.  So I don’t know what he or she didn’t like. I don’t even know if they actually read the book.

On the other hand, they could’ve left a review, saying “It’s boring” or “It sucks” and I still wouldn’t know what they were referring to. Vague and bold statements like that don’t really help you improve whatsoever as a writer. How in the world do you fix that? One man’s junk may be another man’s treasure.

In fact, I think I got one star another time but the person’s account was deleted by Amazon, because he was a troll, who never read nor bought any of the books he reviewed. I guess I’m lucky for that. Amazon does kind of help a little bit when it comes to the abusive trolls.

I’ve gotten positive reviews before. However, it’s all spread out on different blogs and sites. One was from a Horror Blog and I did a little interview with them as well. It went great. I loved it.

Anyway, I’d like to thank those who downloaded both e-books.


It really does mean a lot to me.

To my readers, if you ever get a chance to finish the books completely, please leave me a review whenever you have the free time.

Or you can send me an email about your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear what you think, even if it’s not your favorite genre or if it’s out of your comfort zone.

To the trolls, who send personal attacks against me and my family, I will just ignore you.

Thank you for reading!



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