Building A Webcomic From Scratch

I’ve been researching graphic novels and webcomics for some time now.

Let’s say over a period of a decade or two.


I always wanted to be part of making visual novels, it reminds me of the days of film production, and I’ll be designing one from scratch.

onion-avatar034I’ve written screenplays before, so I know the process of how storyboards work and the Three Act Structure.  I know, it’s about bloody time. It will still take some more time, because I don’t like rushing things. I’m one of those broke struggling writers, who never had the money to hire anyone.

The Webcomic won’t be on WordPress, Tumblr, Minds, nor DA. I’ll advertise and post up links on my other sites, but it won’t be on any free web hosting sites. I’m literally designing the website as of now and learning what works and what doesn’t work.

At first, I was going to have it on Tumblr. But then, how would I be able to format the site completely? Especially the way that I need it to be formatted…unless I paid for everything myself.

Some famous writers are fortunate to be professional artists themselves or be best friends of great artists, who have no problems working absolutely free. That’s not the case for me. I have few friends who can draw and make comics, but they’re very busy struggling to survive and pay off their bills. I mean, they gotta eat too.

That’s just how it is.


I’m taking a big risk here.

It’ll take me 3-5 years to get it all completed. I’m being generous with these numbers.


But in the end, I hope it’ll be worth it.


Let me know what you think

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