Being Sick At Home Is Better Than I Thought…

You heard me.


Now, I can actually get some rest and take a breather for once.

avatar-emoticon-onion-head-117However, I’m probably going to do a little bit of writing and editing since I’m starting to feel better. Yesterday, I was ten times worse than I am now, but I never show it. You’d never know that I had a fever and was coughing violently so much by me typing right now. I thought I might have gotten the flu. Luckily, it’s just a sinus infection and a cold.

I’ve been taking my vitamins, supplements, and medicine to kill it off. Not going to do any outdoor activities today and I’m not planning on seeing a doctor anytime soon. Long story, I can’t stand them. Don’t mind nurses, but doctors I have a problem with. I was basically in my room all day, during a lockdown… under quarantine as they say.

Been drinking nothing but orange juice, water, and soup. Although, I did have a craving for Oreos and cookies ‘n cream. I’ll try to avoid the junk food for now. It looks like it might rain, so that’s good. Still no snow, thank goodness.

The temperature is rising a little bit and it’s not as freezing cold as it was a few nights ago. onion-avatar050This up and down with the weather is what I hate the most. If you see me posting a lot today, this is the reason why. I’ve been sick for about two days now. For posting unfinished works, I’ll only do one or two chapters. I won’t post everything online until I finish what I started. When it’s in the process of finally being printed, maybe I’ll post a few sample chapters.

Unfortunately, I’m still old fashioned and I have to be careful out there. I’m too paranoid for my own damn good, so I’ll be posting protected posts from now on. Sorry to those who were looking forward to reading some of my works. I have only one chapter available right now and that’s it.



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