How To Support The Graphic Novel

For people on Minds…


Who are curious and want to know what +$5 per month (the plus at the front means over $5 dollars) will get you.

This is a sketch preview of Flash Renegade: The Graphic Novel. Well… for this one, it’s like an extra, short story we’ll add to it once it’s finally completed and published.

It’s supposed to be a Top Secret Story.


xlarge (1)

And yes, it’s small for a reason. You’d get a cleaner image and it would be a lot bigger than this obviously. Not to mention, text as well so you could read it.

I have a video on Kickstarter which has the same page, fully detailed and colored in black n’ white. Some pages will be in color though.


For those who want to know the differences between the +$10 and +$20 per month would look like. Here’s another small preview.

  • +$10 you get to see all the sketches, clean linearts, revisions, scripts, and WIPs.
  • +$20 you get the final works, posters, colored pages, books, and maybe even merchandise (including T-shirts).


Here are the Rewards:

  • $1+ – Read chapters from either series: Nightmarish Reality or Flash Renegade.

  • $5+ – You’ll be able to view sketches and colored profile sheets of all my characters.
  • $10+ – Read WIP (Works in Progress) and see the clean linearts and revisions, including images from the graphic novel.
  • $20+ – See everything from behind the scenes, including chapters, colored pages, final revisions, new characters, and new pages monthly.


But wait… you don’t have a Minds account?


That’s perfectly fine.


You can always donate at Paypal whatever amount you want.

I’ll post up some character profiles and some more info, if you guys are interested.



Let me know what you think

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