A Quiet Place Review – A Film That Disappoints Under The Weight Of Its Own Concept


So A Quiet Place came out in theaters, April 6th and I decided to go watch it, due to the rave reviews this film was getting.

onion-avatar051Everyone was saying how unique and original this film was. It even has a 8.2 rating on IMBD. Anyway, let’s make this review as painless and quick as possible.

If you hate spoilers, please STOP here. If you hate anyone dissing this movie, just don’t read any further. Don’t be mad if I wasn’t on this hype train to begin with, because I warned you.

From the trailers alone, A Quiet Place seemed like a legit horror movie. I have to say whoever did the trailers, did an excellent job of not showing the creatures. It was what kept the suspense of the film intact. I heard that the characters were supposed to be smart and people who you could sympathize with.

How truly wrong I was. In fact, I didn’t really like any of the characters for a number of reasons. Let’s start with the premise before I open this big can of worms.

It’s day 87 or 97 or something (I can’t remember the number of days) and a family has to stay quiet in order to survive. Apparently, there’s these alien creatures that will hunt and kill you if you make a sound.


Initially, this film sounded like a great idea.

Or so I thought…

Don’t give me that look.

It’s something that I don’t see everyday and I was curious to know how they would go about it, without making a sound. I thought it was an interesting concept; however, that’s all it ever was.

This film was considered “fresh” and “not a ripoff of some other alien invasion flick.” What if you could never make a sound? What are these creatures that hunt using sound waves? It really is a fascinating idea. But when you think about it some more, a great idea can’t work unless you make some kind of rules around it. This is where the film totally crashes and burns for me. Nothing is ever explained in the movie. There’s no backstory and certainly no world building on how these creatures came in to existence.

Loud noises attract the aliens’ attention and soft noises don’t. What qualifies as a soft noise is not mentioned at all, because it just seemed so convenient for the characters in one particular scene (the waterfall scene) to discuss it. I’ll go into more details later.

It is assumed this world is set in modern times (our time), because this family does have electricity which made me question a lot of things.

There is no government, no police, no people living in the city/towns, so why the hell is there power?

This plot hole made me question the entire story itself. Many scenes didn’t make any sense either, because the characters would make a noise and you’d be like “That should be enough to kill you” and you wait for them to be killed, only for it to never happen. If it was some unknown random character, they’d be dead in a heartbeat.

However, if you look at the larger picture of making no sound… how in the world would this be even possible to achieve, for a human being. To live in a world without making a sound. That’s highly impossible. The aliens track us by sound waves. Their heads are literally giant eardrums.

How come the aliens are not attacking everything they hear within an inch of their feet?

A cricket. A bird. A rustling of bushes and trees from the wind.

Don’t breath or you’ll die a painful death.

The only thing these aliens have are claws, sharp teeth, and hearing.

That’s it.

Not once do we see the aliens eating what they kill. Nope, they just slash you and kill you for making a sound. These aliens are not very bright nor are they scary. They are fast, but what is their anatomy like? How in the world did they even get here? They’re not intelligent enough to fly their own spacecraft, but somebody dropped them off on Earth.

The aliens actually end up becoming cliche, because they’re just like every other alien in every invasion Earth has had to suffer through since Independence Day. They’re just in the film for decorations or plot.

At first, the family does seem to survive, but man they make a lot of stupid decisions that make me wonder if they were even fit to live at all. How could you let your 5 or 6 year old child wander far behind you at all times and play with a noisy rocket ship that just needed two double AA batteries.

Yeah, you’re so dead and I accidentally farted too. Oops!

Why in the hell would you want to be nine months pregnant (I’m talking about the wife) after seeing how dangerous it would be to raise a baby in that situation? A baby makes a lot of noise. You think you’d survive with a crying baby.

Hell no.

How in the world did the creatures not hear the crackling of fire? Even electricity makes some kind of noise. We may not be able to hear it, but it’s on a frequency that the aliens would be able to hear, no matter what. I don’t understand why none of the aliens were congregating at the waterfalls, since all the sounds of falling and running water would be loud enough to draw their attention.

Another important question is how in the hell did the military not use sound to attack and kill the aliens in the first place. I mean, our military isn’t that dumb. You’d think by now, some general or scientist would’ve invented a weapon using sound against the aliens from day one.

I really don’t want to get into the rest of the film. Just know that there’s a deaf girl in it and she uses her hearing aid as a weapon to hurt the aliens. Yep, you heard me right the first time.

Her hearing aid is used as a weapon.

Even she doesn’t believe it.

What’s even sadder is by the time daughter and mother figure it out….this vital piece of information, after shooting one alien in the head, the movie abruptly ends.

It would’ve been nice to see mother with a shotgun, blasting the hell out of every single alien she came in contact with. But no, it was short lived and any kind of action was far removed before we got a chance to see more. What’s funny is… I was starting to like the characters for fighting back, for once in their lives.


This film does not deserve its 8.2 rating.


Let me know what you think

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