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Protected: Galactic Log 2.2 – Someone To Talk To (Rho Tiarmstrong)

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Galactic Log 1.7 – A Meaningless Existence (Rho Tiarmstrong)

I take a deep breath and press the button for the intercom speaker.

“Who is it?” I ask in a huff.

I view the tiny monitor before me, but then I remember it’s broken––ancient technology. There’s no way I’ll be able to see anything through this hunk of junk.

“Special delivery for Room 429,” says a cheery voice on the other line.


Galactic Log 1.3 – Rho Tiarmstrong

This is neither my home nor the Earth I was born on. I doubt that I’m on a planet at all. Knowing this is millions of years into the future, I wasn’t supposed to be alive in such an era.

It doesn’t actually bother me––I don’t hate it here. Don’t love it either. It’s complicated, but I just don’t belong anywhere, and I really don’t have much of a choice on where I go. I can choose to stay or die.